Thursday, 30 July 2015

Remembering India's Missile Man

Seldom do we find people who shine brighter than stars, in whose resplendence the world gets illuminated. One such legend rejoined the stars in the sky on 27th July, 2015. This was our very own Missile Man, People's President and Bharat Ratna, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam...the  man who inspired millions, my role model and ideal!

Ever since childhood we have been listening to stories of his struggles and achievements, reading his books and dreaming to be like him. The news of his demise was an absolute shock for the nation and we all hoped for it to be false, expecting a miracle that could bring back our dearest Dr. Kalam  to inspire the generations to come.

I remember meeting him at a felicitation ceremony 6 years ago, where during his speech Dr. Kalam presented his vision for India in 2020. Sadly, he could not live long enough but his ideas will always be significant in India's progress, just like the Pokhran-II or the Prithvi and Agni missiles.

 Dr. Kalam's decease united not only the country but the world, as everyone unanimously prayed for his soul to rest in peace. No other dignitary has ever received such a prodigious response; he was a man loved by all and there exists no soul bearing any negatives for him, which is a rare demeanour to find in anyone today.

The missile man's life taught others to live, his experiences motivated us to strive harder and to surmount the obstacles in our way. His journey from being the son of a boat-owner in Rameshwaram, working as a hawker to support his education to become such a renowned scientist and the most popular president of India, is indeed remarkable. Dr. Kalam's quotes on dreams and success are a result of his own life experiences , which have been a universal favourite and will inspire generations to come….

In today's political arena, where exists a game of religions, communities and hatred, a man with such distinctive Secularism in thoughts and actions was rare to find. Dr. Kalam was an icon of simplicity, who wanted to truly serve others with a humble spirit . He never cared for publicity and it's solely his virtues that have brought him such popularity among the young as well as the old.

In spite of such legendary achievements, he liked to be humbly remembered as a teacher because that was his reason to be in the world…to help others achieve better. He was a true President, Scientist and above all, a true Indian who served the country in every possible way he could. It is legends like him that make the nation proud!

 Dr. Kalam will be my role model forever, even though I don't aspire to be a scientist or politician…..but because I want to be a fighter like him, with such extraordinary mettle and humility. I'm sure there would be millions like me who would like to immortalise this legend by keeping his spirit alive!

May you rest in peace, sir. But I assure you that as your spirit rides on the Wings of Fire, it will ignite many future minds, forever….