Monday, 27 July 2015

Unspoken Love...

      It was the beginning of Winter with the cold winds soaring high, turning our faces numb and white. Every morning, when we entered school it looked like a hoard of zombies walking half-asleep. Each day was a struggle to be the best, to crack the prestigious IIT-JEE in the very first attempt, to score the highest in Boards and to make the most of these last two years at school. These monotonous classes and hectic schedules ate up the entire span of our so-presumed awesome years at school. I wondered if I'd ever recall those last two years at school as I didn't have anything to feel nostalgic of...I longed for this phase to end and to get a respite from this agony when college starts. All, until I met you!

     We had studied in the same class for almost six months and I saw him every single day, but still noticed him after so long. Maybe he was the warmth I needed in Winter or perhaps the shade in Summer, I didn't even know when, but I had started liking him. Suddenly, school started to feel like a better place. The boring lectures that I loathed earlier, now seemed interesting in his presence. Though we never spoke more than discussing lectures or mathematical problems and solving them together, it was all more than enough to have aroused a new life in me. It took me really long to realize that he was the one person I had always been longing to meet. A jocular and zealous tall, dark and handsome boy, blessed with Einstein's mind. I respected him more than myself and had faith that he would be more successful than what he desired to be.

    A year passed and came the moment to bid adieu to our school life- The Farewell. We clicked our first picture together, and that became my most treasured possession for Life! I never revealed how significant you meant to me, nor did you seem to realize this. But, I was happy in this state. This state of Unspoken love…I still remember the day we last met, the felicitation evening. He had topped the city in the Boards and was the highest ranker in JEE, that day I glowed with pride! Basking in the glory of his achievements, I forgot my own troubles. I had not been as meritorious as he was, not as charming, and I had no special talents except the fact that I loved him more than he loved himself. It was no teenage infatuation, not a mere affection as it still lasts today, even after all these years….Today, when I recall those days of school, I realize how special they were. Everything has changed since then, except one - My unspoken love for you!

      Some things in life are meant to be secrets. We have independent lives today and we're both happily settled. The roads we took were different, but both of them led us to our destinies, wherever we were meant to be. Haven't been able to meet him in all these years but we've still kept in touch. Thanks to the social networking platforms. Looking back, I realized that it was meant to be this way. Some relations have no destination and even though we can never rid ourselves of this feel, we can always keep it unrevealed, deep within ourselves to prosper. Not all love stories have a happy ending, but an unspoken love is mightier than a lifetime of unreciprocated affection.Things would've been different had I confessed my feelings, but so would have been our lives and careers. We couldn't have achieved all that we have today and maybe you had the same feelings for me, but this unspoken affection has given me the strength to progress in life, to be better than what I was yesterday. All in the hope of your love! 

    For me, love isn't about simply holding hands and's about realizing those dreams, even if it means being separated. I don't know if we'll ever end up together, or if you'll ever discover my feelings. But even if we don't, I have no regrets because it's your love that has given me the strength to come this far and I'm sure that it will help us reach our destiny too.

    For love takes many forms to reveal the inner YOU and to help you realize your aspirations, and for me it was my UNSPOKEN LOVE ! Cupid is always considered evil to have brought this overrated emotion in our lives, but we need to change our perspective towards it because love may have caused many disasters and wars in the history of mankind; but for some, it has changed their world. And true love never falters, for we never fall in love...we always rise in it!!