Wednesday, 16 September 2015

The Perfect Imperfections!!

We all fantasize of a perfect life, similar to some apologue. Reading success stories of role models, we aspire to be like them; inspiring millions, bringing a change and leaving a significant mark in this world. But, not all reach the acme of their desires. The world holds no dearth of genius and diligence, it’s just that sometimes, our discretions define our life. We can aim to rule the world, to be flawless in every sphere of life or choose to discover happiness in our imperfections! And wait, being imperfect does not imply compromising on your ambition, it proves your capability of enjoying life the way it exists; to know your true choices and to relish the simple gratifications that come from them. Nobody is a loser in the game of Life; we all differ in our preferences and henceforth our lifestyles.

The human conscience is uncontrollable when it comes to dreams which may eventually emerge as delusions. A millionaire may feel perturbed despite all his wealth, while a drought-stricken farmer might feel fortunate just at the sight of rain. Happiness and Nirvana hold different meanings for everyone.If everybody aims to be a leader, there won’t be any followers. We need to define our choices, decide what success means to us, and what gives us true joy rather than following the crowd. Not everybody wants to be an engineer or doctor to be blissful,or to score an 8 CGPA to prove their capabilities and not everyone dreams of a Prince Charming to spend life with. Then why do we run after such pursuits that don’t mean anything to us? The answer lies within ourselves; involve yourself in activities that actually give you joy, be with a person you love, even if he/she isn’t the perfect one. We all have vulnerabilities, and knowing your weaknesses is a sign of strength. You don’t need the world’s opinions to define what happiness means to you. You have to make your own decisions and hold on to them.

You may not get the college you dreamt of, the life-partner you fancied, you may not tour the world like you expected to and may earn only half as much you aspired. Or perhaps, you might get all these but still feel dejected! The essence of life lies in the fact that, you can either chose to neglect the small moments of joy in search of larger pursuits; or you can choose to be perfect with all these imperfections. Because, you might have envisioned Life as an absolute 10, but you can also be happy with an 8 or 9 rather than reprehending yourself all life to have wasted your opportunities. This does not mean that you should stop soaring high, and be reluctant of success. Life is all about perfect management, so that even with some little imperfections, you can find the perfect happiness that you envisaged!!