Wednesday, 20 April 2016

The Rain...

The hue was dark, and the winds were cold,

She still felt in love, truth be told.

The misty rain with the drops and hail,

Settled on her window, while she reminisced her tale.

All her life, she had hated rains,

Until she met him, and that brought a change.

The aura seemed romantic when he was close,

Smelling the petrichor, with the winds she rose.

It all felt eternal, this joy and bliss,

Her loneliness and sorrows vanished like mist.

The troubles and miseries which she had endured,

In a moment, it felt all had been cured.

She could dare to dream without any fear,

It all seemed possible when he was near.

His presence gave her the hope she never had,

And made her believe, not all love stories are bad!

Feeling sure that she will never be alone, again,

That he would accompany her through all struggles and pain.

Alas! The rain ended and the sun shone bright,

And in a moment, she returned to her plight.

Emotions faded when reality paved way,

All of it seemed unreal, with each passing day.

He was an illusion, a figment of her dream,

But her hopes confided in him, even though odd it seemed.

She knew he never existed and she loved him in vain,

But it gave her a reason to live, hope and cherish those rains.

A moment of happiness crept into her dreary life,

And it was worth it, as she forgot all her worries and strife.

Feeling numb, she reluctantly returned to her chores,

And waited in her heart, to meet him when it rained once more.